B-Dawg's Basketball Adventure is an 3D platformer for the Wii & PS2


B-Dawg must rescue his siblings, Budderbal, Rosebud, Mud-Bud, and Bud-da from his arch-enemy D-Bawg from his dangerous Anti-Island. After freeing the other buddies, B-Dawg encounters D-Bawg's lair of a final showdown. After defeating him, B-dawg realizes that D-Bawg was nonthing but a robot, controlled by Dr. Dumnstien. After the credits roll, it shows the other buddies chasing Dr. Dumnstien off the island over a cliff in a gulf full of sharks. While B-Dawg helps the citenzines of the island return it back to normal.



  • The first boss of the game is a spoof on the Table mini-games in Tom and Jerry Tales
  • Most of D-Bawg's attacks are simular to Toc-Man's attacks in Pac-Man World
  • Dr. Dumnstien's name is a pun on Dr. Einstien