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Budderball is puppy who appears, along with his brothers and sister, in the Air Buddies film series.


Budderball is the most morbidly obese and the closest to death of the Buddies. He enjoys eating and wears black ink on his face to look like a football player. In addition to this, he also sports a red football shirt. When his paw is pulled, he passes unbearable gas. Because he is best known for being a food lover, this sometimes causes his siblings and himself to get into trouble. He lives in Fernfield, Washington with his famous all-star father Buddy and his mother Molly. His owner is Bartleby Livingston, a rich but lonely boy who was seemingly a bully at first, though all he truly wanted was a friend, which is why Budderball decided to stay with him. He once ate an entire budderball turkey (calling it a small sample) which is why he is named Budderball.



Like the others, Budderball has a normal relationship with Mudbud. Mudbud and Budderball work together sometimes such as in Snow buddies when they were at the back of the team because they were the strongest and in Treasure buddies when they were in the same group when they split up to find Mudbud's owner. Mudbud also stuck up for him when B-dawg shouted at him in the first movie for "always thinking about his stomach".


Rosebud tends to get him out of trouble. For example she went in the ice cream truck in an attempt to rescue him and ,despite the warnings they all give each other, sometimes pulls his paw when he needs help climbing high places and getting into his space suit.


Despite having a few arguments in the first movie about Budderball's eating habit's, the two brothers still get along with each other. Although sometimes Budderball does get annoyed at his constant boasting about himself, which was shown in the Snow buddies "buddy bites".


Budderball doesn't seem to mind Buddha's meditating and the two puppies are friendly with each other, like he is with the others.

Buddy (Air bud)[]

Budderball takes after his father in that he loves playing football.


When they first met in Alaska the Buddies were all scared of Shasta, mistaking him for a wolf. In the dog sled team Shasta decided to put him and Mudbud at the end for being "the strongest", although Budderball took it in the wrong way. At the end of the film, he was sad to say goodbye to his new friend. Shasta told him "Big pup, i'm gonna miss everything about you but your butt" referring to his gas, to which Budderball embarrassingly replied "Aw shucks i'm gonna miss you to, Shasta"


He and Bartley both love to eat and have gluttonous appetites, shown from his lunch at the end of Air Buddies.



  • Budderball doesn't wear his jersey in Air Buddies until the end of the film where it is presumed his new owner, Bartleby, gave it to him.
  • He was on Santa Paws naughty list for "gluttony" after he ate the Thanksgiving turkey.
  • this man is made out of cannabutter LOL
  • Budderball is named after the Butterball turkey.
  • He is presumably the oldest of the litter.
  • Usually, Budderball passes gas when his paw is pulled, but there are times he does it himself.
    • In an outtake of Snow Buddies, he passes gas by himself and claims it was a chili cheese dog he had for lunch.
    • In Spooky Buddies, after Budderball eats pickled eyeballs, B-Dawg signals him to fart on Halloween Hound before he can suck out Budderball's soul, resulting in the Halloween Hound turning himself into stone.
    • In Treasure Buddies, he passes gas by himself after eating dynamite explosives when he mistook them for stinky cheese.