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Buddha is a puppy who appears, along with his brothers and sister, in the Air Buddies film series. His favourite sport is baseball. He was named after Buddha the zen master.


Buddha is the third oldest in the litter and enjoys long and often extended periods of yoga and meditation. He usually ends his sentences with "Namaste." He is the calmest of the Buddies and almost never loses his temper. The only time he did lose it was in Santa Buddies when Puppy Paws, using his special magical collar, changed Buddha's statue into a snowman. His religion is Buddhism, and he always tries to teach his brothers and sister the importance of yoga and meditation. He lives in Fernfield, Washington, with his famous all-star father Air Bud (Buddy) and his mother Molly. His owner is Sam, a young boy who is a yoga class student.

In Air buddies, Buddha was described by Sniffer as well as siblings. Buddha is known to be the calmest of the Buddies and joins Noah's Mum in doing yoga. When the Buddies made a mess of the house, the parents decided to give them to new owners. Buddy and Molly tried explaining why this is a good thing but the Buddies were upset that they wouldn't be together. Buddy introduced Buddha to Sam a young boy who got angry when he couldn't play baseball and told him that he would have a positive influence on him. After choosing the families, the Buddies decided to run away the next morning. Buddha was the only one who disagreed with this idea but later agreed. However two workers of Selkirk Tanders was sent to capture them, after already kidnapping their parents. At the end of the film when they rescued their parents Buddha and the other Buddies decided to go to new families. Buddha was given to Sam and the two became best friends, Buddha even helped improve his baseball skill's.

Next in Snow Buddies he was "it" when him and his siblings were playing hide and seek. He spotted Budderball running into the ice cream truck and they all went in after him, only to accidentally get shipped to Ferntiuktuk, Alaska. It was here where they met Shasta, a young Alaskan husky that dreamt of becoming a good lead dog for his owner. Shasta introduced them to Deputy Bernie, who Buddha mistook for an actual saint, who tried to think of a way to get them home. Buddha agreed with Rosebud's plan to become a dog sled team for Adam and Shasta. He advised his siblings that "sometimes helping others is the sure enough way to help yourself". Shasta took them to the legendary dog, Talon, who taught them how to be a dog sled team. Him and B-dawg were noted for being the fastest and were thus in the middle of the race. After winning the race, despite the horrible weather conditions and the fact that they were small puppies, their parents arrived along with a plane sent by Deputy Dan to bring them home. They were sad when they had to say goodbye to their new friend and Buddha told Shasta "your our soul pup, Namaste".

In Space buddies, him and his owner, Sam, were gazing at the moon at night and Sam was wishing that his puppy could come with him on the trip to Vision enterprises launch site. But Buddha came up with his own plan of seeing the space ship launch. The next day he took his siblings to the launch site (sneaking aboard the school bus) and made sure not to tell them so he could keep it a surprise. Eventually they ended up on the space ship itself and were shot into space. Along the way they met a Russian dog called Sputnick aboard the former Soviet research facility in space. The station blew up and the Buddies let Sputnick go with them so he could get back to his owner, Sasha. When they landed on the moon Buddha announced "One small step for dog one giant leap for dogkind" referencing Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon. Buddha took a space rock using the shuttle's mechanical arm so he could give it to Sam as a present. After more trouble it was up to Budderball to save them by resetting the antenna outside. However, he soon ran out of gas so Buddha used the hand to pull his paw and make the gas help him reach the antenna. After returning home, Buddha and the other Buddies were honoured by Pi as "Space buddies". At night Buddha showed Sam the rock from the moon.



B-dawg seem's to be more closer to Buddha than the rest of the Buddies and Buddha often tries to give him guidance (most likely, he knows his brothers' behaviour always results in trouble). Buddha understands his fear of stuff and the two often work together. In Snow buddies the two were in the middle of the team since they were the fastest and in Treasure buddies they were in a group together when they split up to look for Mudbud's owner. When Slither challenged Buddha to a hypnosis challenge, B-dawg beat-boxed for his brother, remembering the way a snake was controlled using music at the bazaar. Although sometimes B-dawg gets annoyed at his meditating, saying in the Snow buddies "Buddy bites" it's "boring!"


Mudbud and Buddha have a good relationship with each other and have never argued or said anything negative to each other.


Rosebud and Buddha also have a good relationship with each other. Rosebud does sometimes mind when Buddha's meditating wakes her up. However the two are close and don't argue with each other.


Buddha and Budderball are also close brothers. Like the others do, Buddha warns the others not to pull his paw, knowing this causes him to do unbearable farts. In Snow buddies, Buddha was forced to pull his paw so Adam's dad would run out of the shed, as he was about to discover them hiding there.

Buddy (Air Bud)[]

Buddha takes after his father in that he loves playing baseball.


Sam is Buddha's owner, they enjoy meditation, and playing Baseball together. Sam was extremely sad when Buddha went missing in Snow buddies and Space buddies.



  • Although he remains brotherly to all his siblings, B-Dawg appears to be more closer to Buddha than the others. Buddha is the only one who doesn't make fun of how scared he always gets and the two often work together in various missions.