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RoseBud is a puppy who appears, along with her brothers, in the Air Buddies film series. Her favorite sport is soccer.


RoseBud is the youngest and only female puppy of the litter. She is very feisty but brave. She wears a pink bow on her head to separate herself from her older brothers. In Air Buddies, her parents are stolen by by Grim and Denning for Selkirk Tander. She and her brothers have to rescue them without getting captured, too.

In Snow Buddies, she and the others find an ice cream truck that takes them to Alaska. They meet an Alaskan Husky Puppy named Shasta, who wants to find a sled dog team for his owner, Adam. They sign up for the race, and she and Shasta were up front. However, they are racing against Jean George III, who was always winning due to cheating. His best huskies, Francois and Phillipe, decided to let them win because they saved them from drowning in a lake. They win the race and return to Fernfield with their parents.

In Space Buddies, they were separaterced to lock on to a Russian space station where they encountered Spudnick, a Russian dog. When they were trapped in the kitchen Rosebud disagreed with her brothers failed plan of using Budderball to barge the door open. After returning from the moon, they are given a parade for landing on the moon, as well as Spudnick being returned to his home.

In Santa Buddies, they are called to the north pole to help save Christmas. They have to be on the lookout for the dogcatcher known as Stan Cruge. Eventually, they teach Puppy Paws the true meaning of Christmas, help deliver presents all over the world, and Stan Cruge even gave away free puppies to regain his Christmas spirit.

In Spooky Buddies, she thought she and her brothers freed the Halloween Hound, (an evil hellhound that can make portals for evil spirits if he has 5 puppies of the same litter) running away after mistaking the ghost of Pip for the hound. For trick-or-treating she dressed up in a princess costume. In Zelda's magic shop Pip revealed himself to be a friendly ghost that then humans aren't. They come up with a plan to defeat him, and help Pip return to his body.

In Treasure Buddies, Rosebud declares that the Buddies will "come to the rescue" and sneak aboard the plane to Egypt. Upon arriving, she takes charge in order to prevent anyone from getting lost far from home (like in Snow buddies).She goes of by herself to look at some pink scarfs (a shop keeper puts one on her, unable to resist her cuteness). They encounter Babi the monkey and Cammy the camel and agree to help her find her tribe. At night,Rosebud comforts Mudbud, as he feels guilty for bringing his family with him. Eventually, after encountering numerous traps, the pup's stop Ubasti (who is turned to stone) and Philip (who got arrested by the Egyptian Government) and are praised as heroes.

In Super Buddies, they find the rings of Inspiron, and they give her the power of speed. They must use them to defeat Commander Drex, a space alien who wants the rings for himself. The Buddies defeat him by giving him toys, causing Drex to kill himself after crashing into a comet. They then returned the rings to Planet Inspiron.



She disagrees with about everything that B - Dawg says. In Snow Buddies, he kept boasting about himself even though she told him not to. He later confessed that he was worried about the race because of what happened to Shasta's parents. She told him it would be okay. She often teases him about being scared of everything.

Budderball []

Like her brothers, she often yells "Don't Pull His Paw" because then Budderball passes unbearable, stinky gas. She is willing to get him out of trouble, even if it means the worst gas ever. In Snow Buddies, she pulled his paw so Adam's dad wouldn't know they were inside the house.


She and Buddha get along really well and doesn't seem to mind his meditating. Sometimes, she gets upset when he accidentally wakes her up.


She is very protective over Mudbud. In Space Buddies, she released him from his timeout cage for making a mess of Pete's house, so he could watch the test launch at the Space Station.


She and her father both enjoy playing soccer.


When they first met, everyone was convinced that Shasta was a wolf. They were at the front of the team for the dogsled race. She was very sad when it was time to head back to Fernfield.


Alice is the only female who owns one of the Buddies, similar to how Rosebud is the only girl in the Buddies.